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Table 3 cases with composite defects

From: The submental flap for oral cavity reconstruction: Extended indications and technical refinements

Patient Age 1ry site TNM stage Extent of composite resection Type & result of neck dissection Pathology Complications Postoperative radiotherapy
Case 1 65 Ant. Floor of mouth T2N0M0 Floor of mouth + marginal mandibulectomy Bilateral SOHND ve SCC -- Yes
Case 2 82 Lower alveolar margin T4N1M0 Segmental mandibulectomy Ipsilateral MRND +ve 1/8 SCC -- No
Case 3 47 Buccal mucosa T3N0M0 Buccal mucosa + upper alveolar margin + partial maxillectomy Ipsilateral MRND -ve SCC --- Yes
Case 4 47 Rec. lower lip After Rth T4N0M0 Submental flap for total lower lip+ free fibula or mandible and floor of mouth Ipsilateral MRND -ve SCC --- No
Case 5 51 Rec. buccal mucosa After Rth T2N0M0 Buccal mucosa + Segmental mandibulectomy+ econstruction Plate + submental flap Ipsilateral MRN -ve SCC Partial external plate Exposure covered by nasolabial flap No
Case 6 62 Tongue and floor of mouth T2N1M0 Partial glossectomy + loor of mouth +upper marginal mandibulectomy Ipsilateral MRND -ve SCC --- No
Case 7 33 Central segment mandible ameloblastoma Marginal mandibulectomy + loor of mouth --- Peripheral ameloblastoma -- No
Case 8 84 Alveolar margin T4N0M0 Alveolar margin + Segmental mandi-bulectomy + econstruction plate Ipsilateral MRND -ve SCC Partial external plateexposure --- debridement granulation No