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Table 1 Clinical, radiological findings, and treatment of reported combined fibrous dysplasia and aneurysmal bone cyst of the skull

From: Fibrous dysplasia and aneurysmal bone cyst of the skull base presenting with blindness: a report of a rare locally aggressive example

Reference Age (years) Gender Site Clinical presentation Radiological findings Treatment/Surgical approach Follow-up
Składzień et al., 2008 [8] 16/M Rt Maxillary, orbital Epistaxis and chronic rhinosinusitis Large cystic lesion En-bloc excision 9 mo disease free
Rappaport, 1989 [9] 25/M Lt occipital Painful mass CT: pagetoid changes and hypodense lesion Surgical excision No f/u
Wojno and McCathy, 1994 [10] 14/F Rt temporal Painless mass CT: nonhomogeneous cystic lesion Surgical excision 2 yr disease free
Wojno and McCathy, 1994 [10] 40/M Lt frontal Expanding mass
Mass appear after head trauma
CT: diffuse thickening of the calvarium, Lt frontal cyst Surgical excision No f/u
Haddad et al., 1998 [11] 6.5/M Rt temporal Rt painless temporal mass CT: nonhomogeneous cystic mass. Frontotemporal excision 4 yr disease free
Saito et al. 1998 [12] 11/M nasal cavity, sphenoid bone, and skull base Nasal obstruction and headache for 1 yr CT and MRI, irregular multilobulated tumor Craniofacial excision 3.5 yr disease free
Branch et al., 1986 [13] 9/F Lt parietal & fronto-temporal Painful Lt and frontal parietal mass for 1 mo CT: large cystic bone lesion in the parietal area Surgical excision No f/u
Branch et al., 1986 [13] 19/M Rt parietal Painless mass
k/c of FD for 15 yr
CT: cystic expansion of the skull Surgical excision No f/u
Itshayek et al., 2002 [14] 19/M Lt occipital bone and clivus Painless mass of the occipital area CT: occipital cyst lesion Selective embolization. Followed by surgical resection. 1 yr disease free
Pasquini et al., 2002 [15] 5/M Rt maxillary sinus Progressive and persistent Rt side epiphora and rhinosinusitis for 2 yr. CT: Cyst-like lesion. Transnasal endoscopic surgery No f/u
Lin et al., 2004 [16] 18/M Lt frontal bone Progressive enlargement of the mass with severe headache CT: several expansile cystic spaces Surgical resection No f/u
Iseri et al., 2005 [17] 35/F Lt occipital bone Progressive severe headache FD of clivus, temporal, and occipital bones. Unresectable  
Mattei et al., 2005 [18] 19/M Occipital bone As SAH; severe headache and nuchal rigidity. Hemmorage and cyst Partial surgical resection No f/u
Our case 7/F Sphenoidal and ethmoidal bones Lt eye loss of vision
Lt nasal obstruction
Cystic expansible lesion Endonasal - cranial resection Recur after 5 mo
  1. FD; fibrous dysplasia. AG; angiogram. LPMA; Lt posterior meningeal artery. SAH; subarachnoid hemorrhage. ABC; aneurysmal bone cyst. f/u; follow up. k/c; known case.
  2. PNS; paranasal sinuses.