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Table 8 Fibula osteocutaneous flap

From: Complex reconstructions in head and neck cancer surgery: decision making

Flap size Pedicle length Pedicle diameter Donor site morbidity Patient's position Special considerations
-Length: 12 cm (10-32 cm)
-Width: 6 cm (4-14 cm)
Muscle: (lateral hemi-soleus):
-Length: 16 cm (18-30 cm)
-Width: 8 cm (6-15 cm)
-Length: 16 cm (6-26 cm)
-Thickness: 2 cm (1-3 cm)
- Up to 10 cm, depending on bone length and location of donor site (proximal or distal) -1,5 mm (1-2,5 mm) -Cosmetic deformity
-Limitations and discomfort in ankle function
-Peroneal nerve palsy
-Supine position, knee flexed 90°, pelvic girdle internally rotated
-Prone position
-Preoperative vascular study could be useful (angiogram)