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Fiber-based microendoscopic multiphoton imaging

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Head & Neck Oncology20102 (Suppl 1) :O35

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  • Photonic Crystal
  • Fiber Laser
  • Harmonic Generation
  • Photonic Crystal Fiber
  • Average Output Power

We developed a multiphoton microscope which integrates an all normal dispersion fiber laser, a double cladding photonic crystal fiber and a MEMS mirror scanner based hand-held probe. The fiber laser has a central wavelength of 1.06um,a repetition rate of 76MHz and maximum average output power of more than 1W. The MEMS mirror based probe is compact and Second harmonic generation and two photon excited fluorescence images of biological sample were demonstrated.

Authors’ Affiliations

Beckman Laser Institute and Medical Centre, Irvine, USA


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