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Table 2 Follow-up of treated patients.

From: Adenoid cystic carcinoma of the tongue – clinicopathological study and survival analysis

Case Metastatic lymph nodes Distant metastases Follow-up time
Current Status
1 No No 207 AWoD
2 No Bilateral pulmonary 84 DWD
3 Yes, lymph node conglomerate No 84 LWoD
4 No Bilateral pulmonary 60 DWD
5 2/8 base of tongue Pulmonary and bone 2.5 LWD
6 1/38 No 6 AWoD
7 2/39 No 0 DWoD
  1. LWoD: Lost without disease, LWD: lost with disease, DWD: dead with disease, AWoD: alive without disease, DWoD: dead without disease.