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  1. Human head and neck squamous cell carcinoma (HNSCC) is an aggressive and recurrent malignancy. Identification of unique or overexpressed cell-associated or cell surface antigens is critical for diagnosis and d...

    Authors: Jing Han, Mitomu Kioi, Wei-Sing Chu, Jan L Kasperbauer, Scott E Strome and Raj K Puri
    Citation: Head & Neck Oncology 2009 1:27
  2. Pain is common in head and neck cancer (HNC) patients and may be attributed to the malignancy and/or cancer treatment. Pain mechanisms and patient report of pain in HNC are expected to include both nociceptive...

    Authors: Joel B Epstein, Diana J Wilkie, Dena J Fischer, Young-Ok Kim and Dana Villines
    Citation: Head & Neck Oncology 2009 1:26
  3. Review paper and Proceedings of the Inaugural Meeting of the Head and Neck Optical Diagnostics Society (HNODS) on March 14th 2009 at University College London.

    Authors: Tahwinder Upile, Waseem Jerjes, Henricus JCM Sterenborg, Adel K El-Naggar, Ann Sandison, Max JH Witjes, Merrill A Biel, Irving Bigio, Brian JF Wong, Ann Gillenwater, Alexander J MacRobert, Dominic J Robinson, Christian S Betz, Herbert Stepp, Lina Bolotine, Gordon McKenzie…
    Citation: Head & Neck Oncology 2009 1:25
  4. Neurogenic tumors of the larynx are extremely rare. The goal of this report is to advert to this rare disease, to review and discuss diagnostics, differential diagnoses and treatment options. Study Design: Ret...

    Authors: Jörg Ebmeyer, Ulf Reineke, Hans-Björn Gehl, Ulrich Hamberger, Robert Mlynski, Matthias Essing, Tahwinder Upile and Holger Sudhoff
    Citation: Head & Neck Oncology 2009 1:24
  5. Papillary carcinoma is the most common differentiated malignant thyroid neoplasm. The biological course of this cancer is typically indolent with a protracted clinical course. Metastases commonly occur in regi...

    Authors: Saleh Fahad Al-Dhahri, Abdullah Sulieman Al-Amro, Wafa Al-Shakwer and Abdullah Sulieman Terkawi
    Citation: Head & Neck Oncology 2009 1:23