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Table 1 Clinical findings in five cases of nasal neurilemmomas

From: Computed tomography and pathological findings of five nasal neurilemmomas

Pt Age(years)/Sex Location Duration of symptoms Symptoms Treatment Malignant Follow-up Recurrence
1 59/M NV (right) 3 years NO S No 12.8years No
2 27/F NV(right) 2 years NO S No 12.7 years No
3 51/M NS(left) 10 years NO, nasal bleeding, headache, rhinorrhea anosmia S No 12.3years No
4 48/F NS(right) 6 months NO, nasal bleeding Sā€‰+ā€‰R No 4.8 years, died of heart diseas No
5 56/M NS (left) 2 months NO, little nasal bleeding S No 7.8 years No
  1. M male, F female, NC nasal cavity, NV nasal vestibule, NO nasal obstruction, S Surgery, R Radiotherapy, NS Nasal Septum.