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Table 5 Short Term Disability 1 year after index date for OC/OP/SG cancer patients and their matched comparison group among commercial enrollees

From: The cost burden of oral, oral pharyngeal, and salivary gland cancers in three groups: commercial insurance, medicare, and medicaid

VARIABLE Patients with OC/OP/SG Cancer N = 281 Matched Comparison Group N = 281 Cost BurdenA
Short-Term Disability (STD) Data    
Patients with any STD 125 44.5% 23 8.2% 36.3% <0.0001
Number of days of STD
among all eligible
48.3 88.5 3.4 16.9 44.9 <0.0001
Number of days of STD among patients with any STDD 108.7 105.3 42.0 44.0 66.6 <0.0001
Cost among all eligible patientsE $7,952 $14,563 $566 $2,779 $7,386 <0.0001
Cost among patients with any STDE $17,876 $17,322 $6,916 $7,240 $10,960 <0.0001
  1. For sample with 1 year of follow-up.
  2. Notes
  3. A. Cost burden is the difference between mean costs for O/P cancer patients and their matched comparison group.
  4. B. P-value from test of the significance of the difference between patients with O/P cancer and their matched comparison group.
  5. C: All eligible patients are those found in the STD database. Patients may have had 0 days of STD.
  6. D: Patients with any STD are all patients with at least one STD day.
  7. E: STD payments were imputed by an hourly rate of $29.37, value each STD day at 70% compensation (e.g., STD Payment = STD days* 0.7*29.37*8).