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Table 1 Clinical study for mTOR inhibitor in treatment of HNSCC

From: Mammalian target of rapamycin and head and neck squamous cell carcinoma

Drug Study phase Treatment design Disease status identifier
Rapamycin I/II Neoadjuvant with 21-day rapamycin followed by surgery Stage III or IVA, resectable NCT01195922
Temsirolimus II Temsirolimus with or without cetuximab Recurrent or metastasis NCT01256385
  II Temsirolimus alone Recurrent or metastasis NCT01172769
  I/II Temsirolimus + Weekly paclitaxel + carboplatin Recurrent or metastasis NCT01016769
  I/II Temsirolimus, cisplatin, and cetuximab Recurrent or metastasis NCT01015664
  II Temsirolimus and erlotinib Platinum-refractory or -ineligible, advanced disease NCT01009203
Everolimus I Everolimus, weekly cisplatin and XRT Locally advanced NCT01058408
  I Induction with everolimus, docetaxel, and cisplatin Locally advanced NCT00935961
  I Everolimus, weekly cisplatin and XRT Locally advanced NCT00858663
  I Everolimus, cisplatin and XRT Locally advanced NCT01057277
  I/II Induction everolimus paclitaxel, and cisplatin Locally advanced NCT01133678
  II, randomized Adjuvant everolimus Vs placebo Locally advanced disease after definite local treatment NCT01111058
  I/IIB Everolimus, carboplatin, and cetuximab Recurrent or metastaasis NCT01283334
  I/II Everolimus, cetuximab and cisplatin Recurrent or metastaasis NCT01009346
  II Everolimus Refractory, recurrent or metastasis NCT01051791
  II Everolimus, erlotinib Recurrent NCT00942734
Ridaforolimus I Ridaforolimus, cetuximab Advanced NCT01212627