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Table 7 TRAM/DIEP flap

From: Complex reconstructions in head and neck cancer surgery: decision making

Flap size Pedicle length Pedicle diameter Donor site morbidity Patient's position Special considerations
-Length: 25 cm (23-29 cm)
-Width: 6 cm (4-8 cm)
-Thickness: 1,5 cm (0,7-2 cm)
-Length: 13 cm (10-20 cm)
-Width: 25 cm (20-20 cm)
-Thickness: 2,5 cm (1-6 cm)
-7 cm (6-8 cm) -3,5 mm (3-5 mm) -Herniation -Supine position -Supercharging with superficial epigastric artery or vein
-Mesh implantation to restore abdominal strength at donor site