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Table 5 Parascapular flap

From: Complex reconstructions in head and neck cancer surgery: decision making

Flap size Pedicle length Pedicle diameter Donor site morbidity Patient's position Special considerations
-Length: 26 cm (6-32 cm)
-Width: 12 cm (8-16 cm)
-Thickness: 2 cm (1,5-3 cm)
-Bone: Length: 12-14 cm, Width: 2-3 cm, Thickness: 1-2 cm
-5-7 cm, extended up to 20 cm -1,2 mm (0,8-1,4 mm) -Cosmetic deformity if skin graft is necessary for closure -Lateral decubitus position -May provide non-hair-bearing skin
-Tissue pre-expansion by expander implantation is possible
-Combination with the scapular flap