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Table 3 Anterior lateral thigh flap (ALT)

From: Complex reconstructions in head and neck cancer surgery: decision making

Flap size Pedicle length Pedicle diameter Donor site morbidity Patient's position Special considerations
-Length: 16 cm (4-35 cm)
-Width: 8 cm (4-25 cm)
-Thickness: 2,5 mm (3-9 mm)
-Muscle dimension: 2-25 cm
-12 cm (8-16 cm) -2,1 mm (2-2,5 mm) -Cosmetic impairment when closed by split thickness skin graft
-functional loss due to fascia elevation
-Supine or lateral decubitus -Inconstant perforator anatomy, meticulous preparation
-when bulkiness is required-harvesting with vastus lateralis (or rectus femoris)