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Figure 5 | Head & Neck Oncology

Figure 5

From: Combined magnetic resonance and optical imaging of head and neck tumor xenografts using Gadolinium-labelled phosphorescent polymeric nanomicelles

Figure 5

NIR optical imaging and histologic evaluation of Pt(TPNP)-Gd nanomicelles. (A) In vivo and ex-vivo NIR optical images acquired 24 h post administration of Gd-Pt(NPTP) nanomicelles. High contrast phosphorescence signal confirmed tumor localization of the nanoparticles. No phosphorescence signal was detected from other dissected organs (heart, spleen, kidneys). (B) Haematoxylin and eosin stained liver sections of a control animal and an animal injected with Pt(TPNP)Gd nanomicelles (48 hours post injection). No visible change in the histologic architecture of the liver or evidence of necrosis, fibrosis, fatty changes or clear cell changes were seen in treated animals compared to controls.

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