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Figure 4 | Head & Neck Oncology

Figure 4

From: Combined magnetic resonance and optical imaging of head and neck tumor xenografts using Gadolinium-labelled phosphorescent polymeric nanomicelles

Figure 4

MR angiography (MRA) and NIR optical imaging of HNSCC xenografts using Pt(TPNP)-Gd nanomicelles. Measurement of T1 relaxation rates of tumor (A) and mouse kidneys (B) before and at different times after administration of Pt(TPNP)-Gd nanomicelles. A significant increase in R1 was seen in both tumor and kidneys after administration of nanomicelles compared to preinjection estimates. Peak enhancement in the tumor was observed at 4 hours post injection. (C) Maximum intensity projections generated from 3D T1-weighted images acquired post contrast showed visible enhancement in contrast within the tumor, liver and blood vessels.

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