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Figure 3 | Head & Neck Oncology

Figure 3

From: Combined magnetic resonance and optical imaging of head and neck tumor xenografts using Gadolinium-labelled phosphorescent polymeric nanomicelles

Figure 3

Magnetic resonance imaging of patient tumor-derived HNSCC xenografts using Pt(TPNP)-Gd nanomicelles. The panel of images represent T1-relaxation maps calculated before (pre), immediately after (post) and 4 hours and 24 hours post intravenous injection of Pt(TPNP)-Gd nanomicelles. Axial slices of the kidneys (top panel, white dotted outline) and the tumor (middle panel) are shown. An enlarged view of the tumor is shown in the bottom panel. Signal enhancement was visible immediately after nanoparticle injection and persisted up to 24 hours post administration.

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