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Table 1 Summary of Laryngeal PG Patients

From: Paraganglioma of the endolarynx: a rare tumor in an uncommon location

RESULTS 1 2 3 4
Location Subglottis SG
Left SG/G
Sx vs Rad Sx Sx Rad Sx
Type of Sx TL SGL/TL None ESGL
Functioning No No No No
Multicentric No No No No
Misdiagnosis No Yes Yes No
Familial No No No No
Recurrence No Yes No No
Mortality No Yes No No
Metastasis No Yes No No
  1. Sx- Surgery, Rad - Radiation, SGL - Supraglottic Laryngectomy, ESGL - Extended Supraglottic Laryngectomy, TL - Total Laryngectomy, SG - Supraglottis, G - Glottis, RM -Regional Metastasis, DM - Distant Metastasis