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Table 1 Drugs that increase the effects of oncolytic viruses

From: Gene therapy: the end of the rainbow?

Drug Enhanced anti-tumor effect in vivo1 Reference2
Cisplatin Yes – Oral cancer [38]
Cyclophosphamide Yes – Oral cancer [42]
Estrogen No [45]
5-FU No [40]
Gemcitabine No [40]
Hexamethylene bisacetamide Yes – Oral cancer [43]
Mitomycin C Yes – Gastric cancer [46]
N-acetylcysteine No [44]
Trichostatin A No [41]
Vincristine Yes – Rhabdomyosarcoma [39]
  1. 1 Although each of the drugs shown here has been found to increase the growth-inhibiting effects of adenovirus or HSV-1-vectors in cell culture, only some have been shown to increase the anti-tumor effect in animal models.
  2. 2 Only one representative reference is shown for each drug, although other laboratories have reported similar findings in many cases.